Buttermilk Hushpuppies

Okay so hello again, I am back… sorry for the long hiatus. I won’t go into a long boring drawn out story. However, I will get to the best part of the blog… THE FOOD! This blog is about Hush Puppies, now I’ve never had hush puppies before. I thought it was just cornmeal fried up- more like a savory doughnut. So Chef Brad’s recipe for Buttermilk was just as I suspected it was a nice big doughnut hole only crispier and much saltier than a glazed doughnut. I thought they were very good, but then again I pretty much like-well strike that-LOVE anything fried! So what do you say I stop wasting time and get to the recipe?

 Round up all your ingredients

Next you’re going to want to take your popcorn and your WonderMill (electric or hand, both will do the trick). If your using your electric WonderMill put the setting on the pastry setting- you want it as fine as possible.

Turn on your WonderMill then pour your popcorn in and let the Mill do its thing!

Place your freshly ground cornmeal, WonderFlour, sugar, baking soda, and salt together and mix.

Next add in your chopped onion, egg and buttermilk and mix together.

Pour into the dry mixture and mix well

*Chef Brad calls for water, however I didn’t need any, but if your mixture is a little dry or won’t drop well into the oil then add water till it reaches that consistency.

Heat your oil up to about 350 degrees

Drop your dough into the hot oil and let them cook until golden brown.

Take them out and let them drain on a paper towel.

 Make sure not to make the balls too big so that they will cook all the way through. Then just enjoy them! I think that I would really have enjoyed mine if I would have dipped them in ranch…I’ll be honest,  I’m a sauce girl and I love fried dough so what more could I ask for?

So until next time…

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