Thumbprint Cookies

While I was away at college I found a recipe similar to this one. And don’t ask me why, but while other girls were busy cooking Plain Jane chocolate chip cookies, or sugar cookies (even though I LOVE sugar cookies), I would always turn to thumbprint cookies! That may be why when I cook chocolate chip cookies my husband tells me they look like big cow pies 🙁

I have always loved making thumbprint cookies so when I found this recipe I was so happy to make it. In fact I was so excited that I totally forgot to take pictures of the steps until I was letting the dough chill in the fridge… SORRY, I promise to never let my excitement overshadow the picture taking again!

This is the fastest cookie (that you have to bake), that I’ve ever made. So if you want something sweet after you get home from a long day of work – which is what happened to me, I got home at 8 and by 8:20 I was enjoying my cookies- then you need thumbprint cookies!

 So get your ingredients together


Honestly these cookies will come together so fast….you just cut your butter into your sugar, then add your vanilla and Wonderflour until you get a dough. Split the dough into three piles and roll them into logs. After that you will take the nut of your choice, chop them up, and then roll your logs in the nuts to cover. I chose pecans because I really have come to love them! Chef Brad suggests covering them and placing them in the fridge to chill. I hadn’t handled the dough too much so I skipped that step. The only difference I noticed is that on the chilled dough it was harder for me to press my thumb  into.

Okay now you’re ready so preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Cut your cookies about ¼ of an inch thick and lay them on your cookie sheet. From here you just let your thumb do the rest of the work!

 Next add jam to the valleys. Chef Brad uses red currant jam but I love raspberry jam, so I did half of my cookies red currant and half red raspberry jam. Honestly, you can use whatever jam you love. My sister suggested using peach, so I think that is what I will try next time! I really can’t imagine a jam that wouldn’t taste good in this recipe, so let your imagination run wild.

Bake them for about 10-12 minutes and enjoy! I swear your going to love them. I loved them and my family gave rave reviews at our Sunday dinner!

 So until next time…


Thumbprint Cookies — 3 Comments

  1. Whitney brought these to our Mother’s Day family-foodfest!! And they were gobbled up by everyone!! I’m partial to raspberry…. so I preferred the raspberry filling over the currant filling!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE EM!!!!!

  2. I’m usually not a fan of desserts that have fruit fillings, however, these were so good! I definitely preferred the raspberry over the currant and I think Whitney’s idea of using peach jam would be AMAZING! I need to start using me some WonderFlour! Thanks Whit!

  3. I have to try this one. We used to make these every Christmas when I was growing up. They are best with fresh, frozen jam. My Mom always made strawberry and raspberry and they were heavenly!
    I’ve never been to a Mexican wedding either, but for some wierd reason I’ve had Mexican cookies and love them. I’ll have to try that one too!

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