Alegria a.k.a. Happy Food

Well its been a busy week, but I’ve got an EXTREMELY easy recipe for you to make this week! You probably thought that it couldn’t get any easier than thumbprint cookies, but honestly I think this just might be the one!

 So let’s talk about Alegria, also known as HAPPY FOOD. It only has five ingredients: honey, corn syrup, vanilla, butter, & Amaranth. Since we already learned how to pop amaranth when we made our Mexican Wedding Cookies, the only “work” part is conquered. I would have expected this recipe to be a little runnier before it cooled, and also for it to turn into more of a brittle but it wasn’t so.  I hope it turned out right! Anyways let’s just get to the Happy Food!


Gather your ingredients

 First pop the amaranth and set it aside.

 Then put your other ingredients in a large pot

Bring them to a boil

Then turn down the heat and let it boil until it turns a golden brown, which for me was about 10 min.

Dump the amaranth in the pot with the sugar mixture and mix it up. Then pour it out into your pan that is lined with parchment paper.

Then just let it cool, break off a piece, and enjoy it!!!

Now I’m not sure if this is how it was supposed to turn out, so go and try it and let me know how you enjoyed it. If you have any suggestions on  how you would change it then let me know.

Like I said at the beginning, I’ve never had this or made anything like it before. I felt in making this that the ratio of  Amaranth and hot syrup wasn’t right, so I made two batches of  the syrup and put that with the one batch of Amaranth. It turned out GREAT, but you decide and let me know.

 So until next time…


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