Mamie’s Pie Dough

In order to have a delicious pie, you have to make a fantastic crust! Chef Brad makes a very good case for this pie crust so we are going to be making “Mamie’s Pie Dough”. And because pie dough is only better when it has swirls of fat in it, we are going to be using Lard… yes I said it LARD! But rest assured because we are using freshly ground WonderFlour in place of white flour, so you can start breathing again. Besides, you can always fill Mamie’s Pie dough with your favorite fruit and you’re good as gold!

 So let’s start. Gather your ingredients.

There aren’t many ingredients. Just salt, WonderFlour, lard and *ice water

*I measured out my water then added ice cubes to it and let it chill for about 15 min. When you are ready to use it, you can remove the ice cubes and re-measure out what you need.

 Place your WonderFlour, salt and lard in the mixer and mix well.

Mix until the lard is broken down into little pea size balls.

At this point you should switch out your beaters for a dough hook. As your dough mixture is slowly turning in your mixer, drizzle your ice water in and mix until it begins to pull together.

Chef Brad warns not to over mix so as soon as the dough pulled together I turned off the mixer and flipped the dough out and quickly kneaded it together .

 I then wrapped it in plastic wrap and placed it in the fridge over night.

 I hate to ruin the surprise but tomorrow we will be using Mamie’s Pie Dough to make a Peach Pie… oh how I love Peach Pie!


So until next time…..

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