Okay sorry it has been so long since the last recipe… Johnny and I bought our first (and hopefully last…for a while) home! So don’t fret we will get back on track with these recipes and I will try to make up for lost time…

So let’s get going on our Snickerdoodles. These cookies were SO good. They have such a great taste and they are made with Wonderflour. I think (okay I know for a fact) that I ate at least 7…Oops! But honestly they are so good.

So let’s get started – gather your ingredients.

Next – Cream your butter and eggs together.

Mix all of your dry ingredients.

Then combine the two and mix.

How easy was that?

Scoop out your dough and roll them into a cinnamon sugar mix.

Place them on your pan.

The back row of cookies was rolled only in cinnamon. I just love cinnamon! The front row has been rolled in the sugar cinnamon mixture.

 Bake for 8-10 minutes at 400 degrees.

Remove from the oven and let cool.

When making this recipe on your own, make sure to watch your dough when baking. I had to add two extra cups of Wonderflour to get them from turning into flat pancakes!

 So until next time….


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  1. These were great, I just love snickerdoodles. Hard to believe they were whole grain. Thanks for bringing these into Johnny’s work.

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