Pineapple Cream

Well ever since I made the Mango Pineapple Cream, I have had a sweet spot for Chef Brad’s drinks! So get ready because I am on a drink run and Chef Brad loves pineapple, so let’s get going! Oh and I have to say that the thing I love most about these drinks is that they are extremely fast to blend together. So back to Pineapple Cream, mmm doesn’t that sound great already? This recipe only has five ingredients, how simple can it get?

You just cut your pineapple into chunks, and put them plus the sugar, vanilla, Sweetened Condensed Milk, and nutmeg into the blender.

Once it is all blended together place into a gallon picture and add ice and water.

I Think you’re really going to like this Pineapple Cream!  I really loved this drink and next time I would add more ice and maybe even strawberries or raspberries to it…yummm.

So Until Next time….

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