Sweet Flax Butter

I have always wanted to say that I have made butter! There is just something about my imagination that pictures me on a wraparound porch of some southern farm in the morning light churning the butter in the wooden butter churner and producing glorious butter! So my hopes finally came true because I made butter. Okay so I may have told a little white lie…I didn’t necessarily make the butter, more or less just flavored the butter- which surprisingly enough was very good.  It also was not on a southern wraparound porch…instead it was a kitchen in our family’s cabin. But it was in the morning, which makes it a truth sort of. None the less, I made Sweet Flax Butter. It was very good and refreshing and simple!

 Gather your ingredients

Now just whip together your ingredients

Now mine didn’t really whip as much as it did just  mix – but I have to say that chef brad’s recipe calls for ½ cup butter to a ½ cup flax oil- which tasted great. But I thought that the ratio seemed wrong if you want a whipped butter. But honestly it’s my first butter making extravaganza so I may experiment next time by using a flavored yogurt, especially if you are using his muffin mix with fruit add ins then you could do the same with your butter!

 Store it in a air tight container and you’re set!

P.S. –  I slathered it on my HOT Master Muffins from yesterday!

So until next time…

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