Red Quinoa Coconut Cookies

Okay so it’s been a rough start to the blog…. Let’s face it life gets hectic! But low and behold, I did it! The first recipe and it was GREAT!!!

Before this recipe I had tried Quinoa on only one other occasion, my freshman year at my Biology professor’s home. Professor Jellen was a quinoa F-A-N-A-T-I-C!  When he had his students over for dinner he would cook quinoa into everything, but it was great. When I read this recipe I was really excited to cook with it, and it was really easy to use.  I also have to say how wonderful the coconut was in the recipe. It calls for Fine Coconut and I loved it!!! There were no long coconut strings to chew and chew and chew before you remotely feel as if you can swallow it. What I’m trying to say is that this cookie was VERY,  VERY good!

So, on to the delectable cookies!

Gather your ingredients.

And yes there is a whole pound of butter in this recipe! We may be using whole grains, but let’s be honest it is a comfort food book, so say hello to the butter!

 Here is the red quinoa un-soaked and uncooked

Before you start on your cookie dough you need to soak your quinoa on for 15-20 minutes. After it has soaked, drain the water and then cook it in a ratio of 1 ¼ cup water to 1 cup quinoa, that way it will be chilled when you are ready to add it to your cookies.Uncooked yet soaked Red Quinoa 

Next cream your butter, white sugar and brown sugar. Drop in the eggs and vanilla, then add all of the other ingredients EXCEPT the coconut and quinoa.

Just so you know, this makes a very large batch of dough but no fear because everyone loves them!! (Seriously, they only lasted a good 15 seconds at my in-laws house)

Once that is all combined, add in your coconut and red quinoa and mix again.

When it’s all done, scoop the dough out on to your cookie sheet. Chef brad suggested using parchment paper, (which I love!) and it makes for easier clean up.

Cook for 8- 10 min

For my cookies I had to increase the cooking time to 13 minutes. I also discovered that the first couple of cookies I made turned out EXTREMELY THIN, almost see through.

When it was all said and done I ended up adding 2 extra cups of WonderFlour and then they turned out perfect and tasted amazing! These cookies have become one of my favorites, they are definitely a WOW cookie!!

Until the next recipe…



Red Quinoa Coconut Cookies — 5 Comments

  1. AWESOME!! I love these cookies!! After tasting these I made a batch. I would’ve eaten them all myself if my wife hadn’t walked in the door!!

  2. Yummm Yummm!! Delicious blend of goodness!!!! I loved the flavor and the texture!! Definitely a hit with my family…and definitely a cookie I’ll try out!!

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