Pineapple Basil Dream

Well it is time for a moment of silence…We’ve come to the end of our drink section in Chef Brads cook book! The only good thing about this situation is that Pineapple Basil Dream is really quite delicious! Just like every other drink we have made so far, they are easy, simple and quick!

 My father in law claims that this was “the best drink I have made so far”, and the rest of my family drank it down so fast that I hardly got any for myself! While I got rave reviews from my family about the Pineapple Basil Dream, I have to admit one thing. It’s not the prettiest looking drink! It’s a nice green, but who wants to drink green liquid? I won’t lie I didn’t really want to, but it didn’t take me long to get past the color and enjoy the taste!

 Gather your ingredients

Cut up your pineapple. The recipe calls for half a pineapple, but It was so sweet that I couldn’t resist putting the whole pineapple in. (I think it was for the best anyway!). Next prepare your basil. Now I might have fudged this part of the recipe also…the recipe calls for a cup of basil but I only used a 1/3 of the cup. I thought that was more than enough!

Place the sugar, pineapple and basil all in your blender!

Blend it all together, put it in your pitcher and fill with water and ice.

Serve it to all of your guests, or keep it all to yourself!

 Until next time…

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