Basil Brownies

Now Chef Brad calls this recipe “DIVINE”, however I would call it “DISMAL!” In all fairness, I really only like Basil in very small amounts, so I felt like this recipe was reeking with basil. I love brownies and these have a wonderful texture and the frosting recipe that Chef Brad pairs with them IS really good! I really don’t want to dissuade any of you from trying this recipe – I like to say that I have a “Sophisticated Palate”, but my husband always loves to remind me that it can be confused with a “Picky Palate”. He may be right, but my original claim is what I still believe to be the right one. Anyways, there are many of you who probably who like, or even love basil! So on this one please don’t take my word for it. Try them and tell me what you think.

 Get all of your ingredients ready

Ever since the Carrot Cake Nightmare, I don’t ever know what size of pan to use so I keep about three around, just for safe measure! With this one I halved the recipe and greased a 9×13, and VOILA, it fit! Get your pan and grease it with butter and set it aside.

 Next melt your butter and chocolate chips in a bowl.

Whisk your eggs and vanilla together then temper into your chocolate, butter mixture.

Just a side note- the mixture will be greasy looking, thick and lumpy, but that is okay – don’t panic just keep going!

 Chop up your basil

Add all other ingredients and combine.

Scoop your mixture out into your greased pan. It will be thick and you will need to spread it in the pan.

Chef Brad says to bake for 50 minutes. However, because I did a half batch I cooked it for 35-40 minutes, so just keep an eye on your batch when you bake them.

Let them cool while you make your frosting.

Melt your butter and chocolate chips together

Now mix your cream cheese, vanilla, and Pero with your melted mixture until smooth.

Spread over your cooled brownies and taste them- let me know how you liked them!

So until next time…

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