Multi-Grain Cranberry Cookies

So the time has come for the last of the cookie recipes in Chef Brad’s cookbook. It has been a great section to work through, as has this last recipe: Multi –Grain Cranberry Cookies, and they were good! They are not a thin or crispy cookie, rather they are very soft and moist! Also for having rice, millet, quinoa, spelt, brown rice, and barley, these cookies are very good. My sister is kind of a cookie snob…if she is going to eat a cookie she wants it to be sugary, buttery, and just like it was from a bakery. Needless to say, she stuck her nose up at the fact that it was “Multi-Grain” as she tends to do with all of Chef Brad’s recipes. She thinks that if its healthy than it’s not going to taste good. Well to be honest, I really enjoy proving her wrong and with this recipe I did just that! And if that wasn’t enough joy for me, the easiness of this recipe made me even more ecstatic!

 The night before making them you will want to cook your grains: Rice, Quinoa, and Millet. If you forget to do it the night before, Chef Brad says that you can do it two hours before making the cookies. I placed all three grains in my rice maker with water in a 1:2 ½ ratio of grain to water.

(On the picture in the right, the Quinoa is the the lighter grain at the bottom of the picture. The rice is the white on the right, and the millet is the yellow floating grain.)

The next afternoon I gathered the rest of my ingredients.

Cream together your molasses*, butter, and sugar. (*Chef Brad calls for barley malt syrup, which I have not been able to find so I found out that you can substitute in molasses for the barley malt syrup in a 1 cup barley malt syrup: 2/3 cup molasses ratio.)

Blend in your egg whites.

Add in all of your other ingredients.

Chef Brad says that the dough will be more like a batter; however I found that it was very much like a normal cookie dough. Scoop out your dough and place on your pan.

Bake for 6-8 minutes. I scooped mine with a bigger scoop, so I cooked mine for 12 minutes.

Let them cool down and enjoy! My family really enjoyed these cookies. They all said that the variety of grains made the cookie very enjoyable to eat because you could taste each of them individually.

So Until next time…

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