Fried Ice Cream

Here is a fast, easy, and DELICIOUS recipe! I honestly think it has been my favorite so far! Fried Ice Cream, but it comes with a secret… it’s NOT fried. Oh boy do they taste good!  The best part is that you’ll never want to go back to the original because you won’t feel guilty about eating one, or two, three, or four! One word of advice though – make a lot because they will go fast. I made these for my family over Christmas Break up at our family cabin, made them again for our New Year’s Eve party, and AGAIN for my husband’s birthday party tonight! In all three instances, they were literally gone in seconds!

 Gather your ingredients.

Place your pistachios, pepitas (which are pumpkin seeds-if you’re like me and don’t know what they are), coconut, cinnamon, and nutmeg in the food processor (or in my case a blender).

Chop until fine.

Next add your corn flakes and popped amaranth*(Confession time: I may have burned the Amaranth to a crisp, so I didn’t add it in to the mixture). Pulse for a few minutes.

 Place your mixture onto a pan or in bowl so that you can roll your ice cream scoops in it.

Scoop your ice cream into a ball and roll into the mixture.

I placed wax paper on the bottom of my container and once I filled up the first layer I placed another piece of wax paper over the top and then did another layer of fried ice cream balls. Once I filled up the container I covered it and put it back into the freezer until they firmed up again.

When everyone is ready for a sweet treat, just pull these out of the freezer and serve as is. My husband’s favorite variation was with raspberry jam on top. Chef Brad suggests also serving with honey or whipped cream. No matter what way you chose to eat it you WILL enjoy it and go back to the freezer to get more!

So Until next time…

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