Buttermilk Drop Doughnuts

Okay a while ago I made Chef Brad’s Twisted Doughnuts and neither me or my husband liked them very much at all. After that recipe I was skeptical to try anymore recipes in Chef Brad’s doughnut section. Well, it turns out that I was proven wrong…. Chef Brads Buttermilk drop doughnuts were AMAZING and so dang easy to make!

 Round up all of your ingredients and set your fryer to 375 degrees. Or if you opt for a pan and oil, just use your thermometer to gauge the temperature.

Mix your Wonderflour, sugar, salt, baking powder, nutmeg, & baking soda

Then add in your buttermilk, oil and egg

Mix well until smooth

Get a plate and paper towels ready to place cooked doughnuts one before rolling in sugar.

Drop the batter in to the heated oil

Fry until golden brown

( I may have cooked these just a tad too long)

Next roll into sugar

**** Make these doughnuts small! At first I was using what I call a “big” spoon, (my husband calls it a normal spoon) and they were not cooking all the way through and getting really dark. I then switched to what my husband would refer to as a small spoon and I would call a regular seized spoon and they came out perfect!

 After consuming about 12 of these doughnuts I called it quits for the day!  I saved the rest of the batter and made them for Sunday dinner dessert and couldn’t get them out of the fryer fast enough for everyone to eat!

So until next time…

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