Multi-Grain Cranberry Cookies

So the time has come for the last of the cookie recipes in Chef Brad’s cookbook. It has been a great section to work through, as has this last recipe: Multi –Grain Cranberry Cookies, and they were good! They are not a thin or crispy cookie, rather they are very soft and moist! Also for having rice, millet, quinoa, spelt, brown rice, and barley, these cookies are very good. My sister is kind of a cookie snob…if she is going to eat a cookie she wants it to be sugary, buttery, and just like it was from a bakery. Needless to say, she stuck her nose up at the fact that it was “Multi-Grain” as she tends to do with all of Chef Brad’s recipes. She thinks that if its healthy than it’s not going to taste good. Well to be honest, I really enjoy proving her wrong and with this recipe I did just that! And if that wasn’t enough joy for me, the easiness of this recipe made me even more ecstatic!

 The night before making them you will want to cook your grains: Rice, Quinoa, and Millet. If you forget to do it the night before, Chef Brad says that you can do it two hours before making the cookies. I placed all three grains in my rice maker with water in a 1:2 ½ ratio of grain to water.

(On the picture in the right, the Quinoa is the the lighter grain at the bottom of the picture. The rice is the white on the right, and the millet is the yellow floating grain.)

The next afternoon I gathered the rest of my ingredients.

Cream together your molasses*, butter, and sugar. (*Chef Brad calls for barley malt syrup, which I have not been able to find so I found out that you can substitute in molasses for the barley malt syrup in a 1 cup barley malt syrup: 2/3 cup molasses ratio.)

Blend in your egg whites.

Add in all of your other ingredients.

Chef Brad says that the dough will be more like a batter; however I found that it was very much like a normal cookie dough. Scoop out your dough and place on your pan.

Bake for 6-8 minutes. I scooped mine with a bigger scoop, so I cooked mine for 12 minutes.

Let them cool down and enjoy! My family really enjoyed these cookies. They all said that the variety of grains made the cookie very enjoyable to eat because you could taste each of them individually.

So Until next time…

Multi-Grain Zucchini Brownies

I may not have liked Chef Brad’s last brownie recipe but I did really enjoy this brownie recipe. Like the cookies these Multi Grain Zucchini Brownies have four different grains: Wonderflour (Spelt, Brown Rice, Barley), and Red Quinoa. They also have shredded zucchini and no butter! That was a first, because most of Chef Brad’s recipes are overflowing with butter! I was really surprised that these brownies were so moist and tasted really good. I think that these brownies need just a light frosting or a dusting of powder sugar- but then again that would throw our healthy brownie out the window! So that will be your call. They taste great as is, so I’m sure they would taste fantastic with some frosting.

 This recipe is easy and can be made in a jiffy. Round up your ingredients.

Before I started, I steamed my Quinoa in my rice cooker. So easy! I did 1 cup Quinoa to 2 and ½ cups water and cooked for 22 minutes.

Place your sugar, salt, cocoa, baking soda, and flour in your mixing bowl.

In another bowl mix your vanilla, eggs, oil and zucchini

Add your dry ingredient to your wet and mix well

Add your steamed quinoa to the mix

Pour into a greased cookie sheet (yes it all fit). Bake at 375 for 25 minutes.

Take out of the oven, let them cool down, and enjoy!

*** Just a Note: After eating the brownies I noticed that my Quinoa was still just a little too hard, it wasn’t bad, just not fully cooked. Next time I need to cook it longer and add a little more water.***

So until next time…

Basil Brownies

Now Chef Brad calls this recipe “DIVINE”, however I would call it “DISMAL!” In all fairness, I really only like Basil in very small amounts, so I felt like this recipe was reeking with basil. I love brownies and these have a wonderful texture and the frosting recipe that Chef Brad pairs with them IS really good! I really don’t want to dissuade any of you from trying this recipe – I like to say that I have a “Sophisticated Palate”, but my husband always loves to remind me that it can be confused with a “Picky Palate”. He may be right, but my original claim is what I still believe to be the right one. Anyways, there are many of you who probably who like, or even love basil! So on this one please don’t take my word for it. Try them and tell me what you think.

 Get all of your ingredients ready

Ever since the Carrot Cake Nightmare, I don’t ever know what size of pan to use so I keep about three around, just for safe measure! With this one I halved the recipe and greased a 9×13, and VOILA, it fit! Get your pan and grease it with butter and set it aside.

 Next melt your butter and chocolate chips in a bowl.

Whisk your eggs and vanilla together then temper into your chocolate, butter mixture.

Just a side note- the mixture will be greasy looking, thick and lumpy, but that is okay – don’t panic just keep going!

 Chop up your basil

Add all other ingredients and combine.

Scoop your mixture out into your greased pan. It will be thick and you will need to spread it in the pan.

Chef Brad says to bake for 50 minutes. However, because I did a half batch I cooked it for 35-40 minutes, so just keep an eye on your batch when you bake them.

Let them cool while you make your frosting.

Melt your butter and chocolate chips together

Now mix your cream cheese, vanilla, and Pero with your melted mixture until smooth.

Spread over your cooled brownies and taste them- let me know how you liked them!

So until next time…

Cowboy Cookies

 Well it’s been awhile, but Chef Brad’s recipes and I are back in the swing of things!  We are making comfort foods with whole grains, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect! I for one LOVE making Christmas goodies (especially cookies) and taking them to my friends and neighbors. These Cowboy Cookies will be great to take to everyone that you know.  Not only are the cookies tasty, but they are extremely easy to make and I think that they could be changed so easy to make different varieties. I’m going to make my next batch with white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts. Oh I can’t wait! These Cowboy Cookies taste great and have 5 different grains in them: Wonderflour (which is Spelt, Brown Rice and Barley), Rolled Oats, and Amaranth and I’m not lying they taste great!

 Okay so gather everything you need

Cream together you sugars and butter until fluffy.

 Add the vanilla & eggs to the creamed sugars and butter mixture.

Next add the Wonderflour, salt, baking powder, and baking soda and mix well.

Mix in your rolled oats, popped amaranth, chocolate chips and pecans.

 Scoop up your cookies and place them on your pan, bake at 325 degrees for 10-12 minutes—don’t over bake them !

So until next time…

Carrot Cake

*****SIDE NOTE: Just so you all know, I didn’t forget about, or give up on any of you! I’ve had some major computer problems, and unfortunately they happened after I put all my blog stuff on it. And of course I didn’t have it backed up anywhere. I’m going to try to do my best to add many more recipes, but with the holidays upon us, we will see how it all pans out. So please don’t give up on me yet!*****

Now I have been waiting to write this blog so that I could have a chance to cool down before I posted harsh words out in the universe for everyone to read…So where do I start? Well I guess i’ll start at the very beginning …(A very good place to start). I started like I always had, by gathering my ingredients.

I chose to use coconut oil, which is the little jar in the picture. I then mixed my eggs, sugar, coconut oil and butter. Seeing how this recipe made my blood boil, it has to start somewhere so here I go. While this first mishap is completely my fault, it still didn’t make for a great start!

I needed the oil to be in its liquid form. So after I heated it up and was removing it from the microwave, it slipped right out of my hands! SPLOOSH- EVERYWHERE!! All over the stove, the counter, my FAVORITE TABLE CLOTH!! (That’s going to be fun to wash out…If it ever does!) My hubby told me just to by a new one, and he is probably right but man I loved that table cloth! It also went down the front of the drawers, all over my shirt, oh and not to mention all over my camera!

So after cleaning that mess up, I finally got back to my cake. I got some more oil and held on to the container very tightly this time.

Next I mixed in salt, soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, vanilla, crushed pineapple, grated apples, coconut, mashed/cooked carrots, and Wonderflour.

Here is where it starts to get HAIRY… this cake mixture was basically overflowing in the mixing bowl, which is annoying! You have to keep stopping the mixture and scraping down the sides. Anyways, so now I am stuck with what to cook the batter in. All that Chef Brad tells you in the recipe is to grease a “large pan”. Well what the heck does that mean? So I tried a 9×13 but that was not going to work. At that point I should have known just to split the batter between pans, but I thought, “Hey Chef Brad did it why can’t I?”. Well lets just say Chef Brad must have GINORMOUS pans because after the 9X13 was too small, I thought maybe I should try a jelly roll pan. Low and behold…IT FIT! As I was placing it in the oven, the thought crossed my mind, “What if it expands? Nah maybe it will be like Texas sheet cake.” So I cooked it, and about 30 minutes later I smelt a nice burning of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon…I jumped up thinking I over cooked the cake. WRONG!

It was over flowing into my oven. At that point I just threw my hands up and called an end to baking for the day! My kitchen smelt awful, I had congealed coconut oil everywhere still, no carrot cake for dinner that night, and I still had to clean out my oven!

Well I haven’t tried my hand again at the carrot cake, so I’m begging any of you to give it a try and pass on how it turned out.

So until Next time…

Pineapple Basil Dream

Well it is time for a moment of silence…We’ve come to the end of our drink section in Chef Brads cook book! The only good thing about this situation is that Pineapple Basil Dream is really quite delicious! Just like every other drink we have made so far, they are easy, simple and quick!

 My father in law claims that this was “the best drink I have made so far”, and the rest of my family drank it down so fast that I hardly got any for myself! While I got rave reviews from my family about the Pineapple Basil Dream, I have to admit one thing. It’s not the prettiest looking drink! It’s a nice green, but who wants to drink green liquid? I won’t lie I didn’t really want to, but it didn’t take me long to get past the color and enjoy the taste!

 Gather your ingredients

Cut up your pineapple. The recipe calls for half a pineapple, but It was so sweet that I couldn’t resist putting the whole pineapple in. (I think it was for the best anyway!). Next prepare your basil. Now I might have fudged this part of the recipe also…the recipe calls for a cup of basil but I only used a 1/3 of the cup. I thought that was more than enough!

Place the sugar, pineapple and basil all in your blender!

Blend it all together, put it in your pitcher and fill with water and ice.

Serve it to all of your guests, or keep it all to yourself!

 Until next time…

Fresh Fruit Lemonade

I have really enjoyed all of Chef Brad’s drink recipes, and this one is no different! This time we made Fresh Fruit Lemonade. You can make whatever flavor (or flavors) you wish, so I made peach strawberry lemonade and it was fantastic! Like always it is SUPER quick to make.

 Gather your ingredients…(All 3 – well in my case 4) but that will just depend on what fruit you choose to use.

First of all you will want to juice your lemons. You are going to need a full cup as well as the zest of two lemons. Two lemons didn’t give me enough juice, I had to do three. Just keep that in mind when buying your lemons.

You will also use 2 cups of puréed fruit. In my case I used 1 cup of strawberries and 1 cup of peaches. Place all of your ingredients into the pitcher, or blender if you need to puree them.

Pour into a pitcher and add some cold water and ice to fill.

Let it chill and serve!

Until Next Time…


Granny’s Oatmeal Cookies

I do like a good oatmeal cookie, but I won’t lie I’m not fan of raisins. However, this cookie has a nice taste, which is weird because it has raisin juice in the batter! It is more of a cake-type cookie, so it is really soft and kind of falls apart when you pick it up. I would really want these cookies to be just a tad more firm though to be able to dip them in milk. But all-in-all it was a good cookie, next time I think I will add butterscotch chips to the batter ….yumm!!


So start by gathering your ingredients.

To start I began by cooking my raisins

While your raisins are boiling, combine sugar and butter.

Let your raisins boil for five minutes and then let sit.

Drain the raisins, but save 1 cup of the juice.

Add all of your ingredients to your creamed butter and sugar.

 Once mixed, scoop onto parchment paper and bake at 335 degrees for 12 minutes.

At first the mixture is very runny but the longer it sits, the more it thickens up.

Also the mixture bakes very sticky and will probably stick to your parchment paper. Also, if you just grease the pan and bake them on it then they bake too brown! So, I greased the parchment paper. But I think the solution for next time will be to use the Silpat! That should work right?

 So until next time…


As you know from my previous blogs, I have no problem with saying when I don’t like one of these recipes…Well, I DID NOT like these muffins at all and neither did my husband! (That was a big sign to me that something might be wrong because he eats ANYTHING!) I’m not trying to be negative, but I honestly thought they were extremely bland. My husband took one bite and then he tossed the rest of the muffin in the trash can, which is where the rest of batch landed as well. Usually I take the extras to work or send them with my husband to share with his coworkers, but not this time. I would highly suggest that you stick with the Master Muffin Formula. It was much much better all around, and they just tasted so much better. I guess that is why Chef Brad calls it his “Master Muffin Formula”. But just in case you want to give this muffin mix a try, here is how to begin…

 You guessed it! Gather your ingredients.

Mix your butter, eggs, and vanilla in the mixture.

Now add in your WonderFlour, Nutmeg, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, and Salt.

Now gently add in your Buttermilk.

And your heaping cup of white sugar.

Scoop your batter into your greased tin.

Bake for 25 minutes at 375 degrees.

 Remove from the oven and give them a try (I would suggest a lot of butter and jam!)

So until next time…

Multi-Grain Crackers

Okay so like the butter, I had another first in…drum roll please….(Don’t read ahead, do the drum roll!) CRACKER MAKING!! However, unlike my butter post ,I haven’t dreamed of making crackers since I was a little girl. In any case, it was fun and I have to wonder how the heck do they get Wheat Thins so thin? I thought I was rolling my dough out really thin! It’s not that the crackers rise or puff when cooked, but I guess I assumed that they would kind of harden and crisp up. Well they didn’t, so on my next run I’m going to flatten that dough out baby! It’s my goal! It was fun to make crackers and I also got to pick my own flavoring.

 The batch makes a WHOLE TON of crackers, so I broke mine up into four different flavors to see what everyone liked best.  Also next time I make the crackers I think I will mix my seasoning into the dough rather than sprinkle it on. I found that a lot of it fell off when placing the crackers on the pan and then they baked bland. After placing them on the pan I re-seasoned them and they got pretty strong! It really probably depends on what type of seasoning you use, but you may as well try just mixing it in to the dough and then just for safe measure lightly sprinkle some more before baking.

 One more perk about these crackers is that they are Multi-Grain crackers! Not only are they made with WonderFlour, but you have your choice of rolled oats or popped amaranth. (I did half of each). Also, Chef Brad says that you can use buttermilk, yogurt, cream, or sweet milk- depending what flavor of cracker you want.

 Okay let’s get a move on with the Multi-Grain crackers!

Gather your ingredients.

Now here is the easiest step: Put all of your ingredients into the mixing bowl and mix until it forms a ball.

Cut into small portions and roll out to your desired size.

If you leave them just a tad thicker like a Triscuit, then they are perfect for heavy dips like hummus and salsas, and the thinner crackers are great for your creamy dips. But when you think you have rolled them thin enough go ahead a give it a few more rolls for safe measure!

Sorry if its blurry, I was trying to show how thin I had rolled them- and I would have preferred that they be thinner.

 Sprinkle on your seasoning of choice.

Then cut in whatever shape you would like- I went for triangles

Place on your pan and bake at 275 degrees. Chef Brad doesn’t say how long to bake- just until golden brown. Mine took about 30-35 min.

Let them cool down and then store in an air-tight container.

 Here are the seasonings that I tried

I was not a big fan of the natures seasoning- it was really peppery!

I loved the Garlic salt but be careful not to get carried away when sprinkling! Just because you can’t see the crystals very well against the dough, it doesn’t mean it isn’t coming out of the bottle…just saying!

I really liked both of the Johnny’s spreads seasoning.

They were different and good. The garlic spread was my favorite and I think I would have enjoyed the seasoning salt better if I would have rolled my dough out thinner, but hey they still tasted good!

 Here are some other flavors you can try: powdered cheese, salt, onion powder, & herbs. Chef Brad evens suggests bacon bits and says if you want BBQ then mix it into your dough. So many options to choose from! Oh and you could totally go sweet, use sugar, cinnamon or both!

 Let me know what flavors you like best and would recommend!

 So until next time…