Sweet Corn Hushpuppies

So I thought that the buttermilk hush puppies were good, but these Sweet Corn Hush Puppies are SO GOOD! I didn’t even need ranch or fry sauce to dip them into, they were so amazing on their own. They were more sweet then the buttermilk puppies, but they were still salty—oh they were so good, nice little fried balls of sweet corn.  You will really want to try these puppies!

 So gather your ingredients

Once again you get to make some fresh corn meal. Can I just take a moment and say how much I love my electric WonderMill? Oh it is fantastic! It grinds grains so fast and fine, or course or whatever you want. I still love my hand mill and it is so nice when you can’t use your electric WonderMill for certain grains or in case the power goes out I will always have my hand mill, but I will admit my true love is for the electric WonderMill. Okay, that may have been more than just a moment… so back to the recipe.

Mix all your dry ingredients together

Next add your onions and corn

At this point if you need more milk to reach a drop consistency, add in milk a little at a time until you reach the right consistency. I had to add only about a ¼ of a cup.

Then drop into hot oil by the spoonfuls and cook until golden brown.

Let them drain onto a paper towel and gobble them up while they are still warm! However, even when they are cold they still taste GREAT!

So until next time…


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