Fresh Buttermilk Vanilla Ice Cream

I scream…you scream…WE ALL scream… for Fresh Buttermilk Vanilla Ice Cream! Okay well I would have screamed for chocolate ice cream, but I have to say I REALLY REALLY liked this ice cream. When I first read through the recipe I was hesitant. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge buttermilk fan so naturally I had my doubts. But after the first couple bites I couldn’t stop eating! I would say I even started to crave it, so I proceeded to eat two bowls…don’t judge me.

It was every easy to make and the whole family devoured it at our family barbecue on Sunday night. Because of the buttermilk this ice cream had a very “buttery” taste, obviously. It reminded me of a pralines and caramel or a butter pecan ice cream, both of which I love. Now you may be thinking to yourself, “where is the whole grain?” Well there is none, but honestly how much more can a food be considered “comfort food” than homemade buttermilk ice cream?

1st Step: Round up your ingredients2nd Step: Make your base


At this point you should place your sugar, vanilla, salt, eggs, and half & half into the blender and blend for 4 minutes. Not to sound dumb, but I don’t know why it’s 4 minutes, but Chef Brad knows and so 4 minutes it is.(I made my base the night before and just left it in the fridge.)

Now it’s time to get your ice cream maker ready!

Follow your own ice cream maker’s direction on the ice to salt ratio and how to run your maker.

Here’s what mine looks like

Keep an eye on it and be sure to add ice & salt throughout the process.

Now you just wait while it churns!

It only took about 45 minutes from start to finish. And just so you know, the ice cream is a soft serve texture but it is so DELICIOUS!!!

We ate the ice cream by itself at our barbecue, but I bet it would be amazing with fruit toppings as well. Let me know what you guys think!

So until next time….


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  1. this looks delicous you should share with co-workers!!!!!! but my real question is can you make with yogurt?

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