Coconut Custard Pie

The other day I was out to dinner with my mom. I ordered a soup and salad, so naturally I had to have dessert. My mom and I both ordered Coconut Cream pie, which we BOTH absolutely love. Unfortunately my mom called me up all disappointed because it didn’t taste good. I didn’t even get to try it because my husband ate every last bite when I got home! Honestly though I couldn’t really get his opinion on how it tasted because he eats just about everything I bring home…

So this last week I was flipping through Cooking with Chef Brad wondering what recipe I was going to make and I spotted his recipe for Coconut Custard Pie!  I stopped looking right then and even though I had never made a pie before, I decided to rise to new heights and satisfy my mom’s hunger for coconut pie. Now I hate to ruin the ending…but SHE LOVED IT, and it was a crowd pleaser.

I made the crust first, so let’s get those ingredients together!

Put your butter pieces, salt, sugar, & Wonderflour  into your food processor.

Pulse this until it becomes a coarse meal.

Then add the milk one tablespoon at a time until it starts to form a ball.

Remove the dough from your processor and roll it into ball. Flatten it into a disk, wrap in plastic wrap, and chill for 1 hour.

After about an hour take it out of the fridge, roll out, and place in your pie dish.

***Chef Brad suggests covering the pie with foil and pie weights, but I didn’t have pie weights so I used spoons and they worked just fine.***

 Bake the pie crust for  12 minutes. Remove the foil and weights, and cook for 9 more minutes.

Let the crust cool.

While the curst is cooling gather the ingredient for the coconut custard filling

In  a mixing bowl combine the eggs, sugar, salt, vanilla and coconut. Mix well.

Next you will scald the milk in a pan, add the mixture to it, and mix it.

Pour it into your crust…

Place that into the oven for 30 minutes and bake. After it’s done let it chill for 4 hours in the fridge and enjoy!

This pie turned out really good, but just so you are aware it’s not coconut cream pie. It’s coconut custard pie but it was delicious nonetheless, so don’t let that stop you from making it!

So until next time…


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  1. I gotta admit… I LOOOVVVEEE coconut! So when Whitney told me she was bringing Coconut Custard Pie to our family gathering I was soooo happy!! I really liked it! The flavor was rich and good! The crust was a little dry, but delicious nonetheless. Keep ’em coming, Whit!!!

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