Old Time Sugar Cookies

Whenever the holidays roll around, or some ward function comes up that is in need of refreshment, or someone needs a lift me up, I always make my sugar cookies! Now to be honest they are the kind of sugar cookies that have a very nice padding of frosting on top. However every now and then I get the craving for a sugar cookie like the one that Subway sells, you know the sugar cookie that is all cracked and flat and crispy on the outside, yet soft and chewy in the middle? Needless to say I really enjoyed this recipe and it helps me to know that they are made with whole grains. That way when I grab my 2nd or perhaps my 5th,  I can be confident that my jeans will still button up!

 Not only were the cookies delicious but they were so simple to make.

 First thing first…gather your ingredients.

Cream your butter, shortening, sugar, & eggs together.

Then add your salt, soda, cream of tartar and Cardamom Seed to the mixture.

Add your vanilla

Add all your Wonderflour and mix well.

Turn it out on to the counter and roll into a ball. Then measure out your cookie balls to whatever size you want. I used my cookie scoop and then plopped them down on to my pan and baked them for 13 minutes and they were perfect.

 I loved these cookies but they were just a tad bit heavy on the cardamom seed for my taste. I think next time I won’t add as much and they will be even better!

You make a batch and let me know how you feel about it!


So until next time…..


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  1. These were very good. Wish I had some fun frosting to spread on the top, that is how I always eat sugar cookies.

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