Top Secret Cookie Dough

Every one dreams about making the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie…I had that dream once, until I tried making them for the first time and my husband told me that they looked like cow pies! They came out way too flat and he told me that I should stick to my sugar cookies. So when I saw this recipe I was looking to redeem myself. And seeing that Chef Brad had shared his “Secret” cookie dough I knew I had to make it and I was hoping that it would definitely make up for the last time.  ***Spoiler Alert***  IT DID!!!  Let’s face it – even if you make really good chocolate chip cookies, these are super terrific cookies!  Plus, the 5 cups of WonderFlour balances out the pound of butter. What I’m trying to say is that they taste good and the healthy stuff cancels out the “bad” stuff. Basically they equal zero calories…Don’t you agree? Well now on to the good stuff…

 Gather your ingredients

Start out by whipping your butter and your sugar until it’s fluffy and creamy.

Add the eggs & vanilla and blend well.

  Next add the dry ingredients & CHOCOLATE CHIPS. You know a recipe is GREAT when it calls for way more than 2 cups of chocolate chips! Blend it all together.

Scoop and place on a pan & bake for 10-13 minutes @ 350 degrees.

Chef Brad says that the cookies are better if left slightly under cooked because they will remain soft when cooled. I have to say that I agree they do.

I have to say that these cookies taste fantastic and they looked great! And just in case my husband is reading this…They DID NOT look like cow pies. Also I know he loved them because he ate almost all of them!

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