White Chocolate Brownies

I just have to start by saying…I LOVED THIS RECIPE… Like A Lot!!! It is honestly one of the best WHITE CHOCOLATE BROWNIES recipes I have ever made. They are thick, buttery, chocolatey, and topped with white chocolate and cream cheese Heath Bar frosting. This is a MUST recipe. My husband took these to a bachelor party and he told me they were an instant hit! One friend ate six of them!  Okay I can’t stop raving about them, so I guess I better just get to the recipe…

 Gather your ingredients

Whisk eggs and vanilla together.

Melt your white chocolate chips and your butter together.

Now add your egg mixture to the melted mixture.

I’m always worried about scrambling my eggs, so I tempered my melted mixture slowly into my eggs mixture so that it would not happen, but it’s your call.

 Now add all the other ingredients and mix together.

Pour into a jelly roll pan and bake at 350 for about 40 min.

Remove from oven and let cool for at least two hours before frosting and cutting.

Now is the time to get your ingredients ready for the BOMB of all frostings!

First melt the butter and white chocolate together.

Put your cream cheese, half and half, vanilla, and now your melted butter/chocolate mix in a food processor and mix it all together.

Dump your Heath pieces and powdered sugar into the processor and mix until well combined.

The last step is to spread that amazing frosting all over the cooled brownies!

Finally…EAT THEM! One at a time, but keep some milk nearby for good measure.

Until next time…


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