Pineapple Mist Crush

I am not a big mint fan in general, but I do love a little mint in my drinks. I feel like I’m out in the meadows and I can breathe really deep and it’s just so refreshing! Like I said, sometimes it can be overpowering but surprisingly I really liked this drink. Unlike Chef Brad’s other drinks, this one is really light. The mint just kind of comes through right at the end and just lightens the pineapple taste. You REALLY need to try this one. I honestly think you will like all of his drinks, I haven’t found one I don’t like yet!

Grab your Pineapple, Sugar, and Mint.

Chop up half your pineapple, add the sugar and mint leaves and put them in a blender.

Chef Brad calls for four large mint leaves but I only had small ones so I used a couple more than he said. If I were you I would start by adding a little bit and then adding more until you like the balance of mint and pineapple… All in all I used about 5 small leaves.

Mix them all together then add that to a gallon of water and chill in the fridge…garnish with mint leaves on top and Drink Up!!!

And like his other drinks, you could always add some other flavors such as strawberries, raspberries, etc… The possibilities are endless!

So until next time…


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