Fresh Fruit Lemonade

I have really enjoyed all of Chef Brad’s drink recipes, and this one is no different! This time we made Fresh Fruit Lemonade. You can make whatever flavor (or flavors) you wish, so I made peach strawberry lemonade and it was fantastic! Like always it is SUPER quick to make.

 Gather your ingredients…(All 3 – well in my case 4) but that will just depend on what fruit you choose to use.

First of all you will want to juice your lemons. You are going to need a full cup as well as the zest of two lemons. Two lemons didn’t give me enough juice, I had to do three. Just keep that in mind when buying your lemons.

You will also use 2 cups of puréed fruit. In my case I used 1 cup of strawberries and 1 cup of peaches. Place all of your ingredients into the pitcher, or blender if you need to puree them.

Pour into a pitcher and add some cold water and ice to fill.

Let it chill and serve!

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