Carrot Cake

*****SIDE NOTE: Just so you all know, I didn’t forget about, or give up on any of you! I’ve had some major computer problems, and unfortunately they happened after I put all my blog stuff on it. And of course I didn’t have it backed up anywhere. I’m going to try to do my best to add many more recipes, but with the holidays upon us, we will see how it all pans out. So please don’t give up on me yet!*****

Now I have been waiting to write this blog so that I could have a chance to cool down before I posted harsh words out in the universe for everyone to read…So where do I start? Well I guess i’ll start at the very beginning …(A very good place to start). I started like I always had, by gathering my ingredients.

I chose to use coconut oil, which is the little jar in the picture. I then mixed my eggs, sugar, coconut oil and butter. Seeing how this recipe made my blood boil, it has to start somewhere so here I go. While this first mishap is completely my fault, it still didn’t make for a great start!

I needed the oil to be in its liquid form. So after I heated it up and was removing it from the microwave, it slipped right out of my hands! SPLOOSH- EVERYWHERE!! All over the stove, the counter, my FAVORITE TABLE CLOTH!! (That’s going to be fun to wash out…If it ever does!) My hubby told me just to by a new one, and he is probably right but man I loved that table cloth! It also went down the front of the drawers, all over my shirt, oh and not to mention all over my camera!

So after cleaning that mess up, I finally got back to my cake. I got some more oil and held on to the container very tightly this time.

Next I mixed in salt, soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, vanilla, crushed pineapple, grated apples, coconut, mashed/cooked carrots, and Wonderflour.

Here is where it starts to get HAIRY… this cake mixture was basically overflowing in the mixing bowl, which is annoying! You have to keep stopping the mixture and scraping down the sides. Anyways, so now I am stuck with what to cook the batter in. All that Chef Brad tells you in the recipe is to grease a “large pan”. Well what the heck does that mean? So I tried a 9×13 but that was not going to work. At that point I should have known just to split the batter between pans, but I thought, “Hey Chef Brad did it why can’t I?”. Well lets just say Chef Brad must have GINORMOUS pans because after the 9X13 was too small, I thought maybe I should try a jelly roll pan. Low and behold…IT FIT! As I was placing it in the oven, the thought crossed my mind, “What if it expands? Nah maybe it will be like Texas sheet cake.” So I cooked it, and about 30 minutes later I smelt a nice burning of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon…I jumped up thinking I over cooked the cake. WRONG!

It was over flowing into my oven. At that point I just threw my hands up and called an end to baking for the day! My kitchen smelt awful, I had congealed coconut oil everywhere still, no carrot cake for dinner that night, and I still had to clean out my oven!

Well I haven’t tried my hand again at the carrot cake, so I’m begging any of you to give it a try and pass on how it turned out.

So until Next time…

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