Beignets…Like some of Chef Brad’s recipes I have never tried them, so I was really excited to see that they are much like frybread, which I love!  Who wouldn’t like bread dough that is fried and topped with powdered sugar? I really enjoyed mine with jam too. Honey would be great a topper, oh gosh or nutella….my oh my what endless possibilities! I better pull my leftover dough out of the freezer now! Now all you need to do is get into the kitchen and make yourself some Beignets dough.

 Gather your ingredients

Next add all of your ingredients into your mixing bowl, but only add half of your WonderFlour.

Knead your dough while adding the rest of the WonderFlour. Do this until it pulls away from the sides.

Remove the dough from the bowl. I split my dough in half, wrapped it in plastic wrap, and let it chill overnight.

The next day remove them from your fridge and plastic wrap, roll out  and cut into squares

Toss your squares into the fryer and cook until golden brown!

Lastly toss them in powdered sugar.

Eat until your hearts content!!! Oh and please try them with your favorite topping and let me know what you enjoyed on your Beignets.

 So Until Next Time….


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